5 Gorgeous Flowers That Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

If you want to attract these flying creatures, think about growing flowers that catch their attention. These five gorgeous flowers will surely enhance your yard and attract butterflies.

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There is an enchanting dance that occurs in gardens decorated with vibrant flowers - the graceful ballet of butterflies. Butterfly gardens beautify your outside space and help these fragile pollinators. If you want to attract these flying creatures, think about growing flowers that catch their attention. These five gorgeous flowers will surely enhance your yard and attract butterflies.

Butterfly Bush:

The Butterfly Bush is appropriately called as it attracts butterflies by offering fragrant and nectar-rich blooms. This shrub sheds its leaves and proudly displays long, arching bunches of flowers in different tints like purple, pink, and white. Watching butterflies go from flower to flower, drinking nectar, you'll see a fascinating show of color and movement. If you are into summer flower gardening, Butterfly Bushes are perfect because they bloom from summer to fall, providing a continuous source of nourishment for enchanting insects.

Butterfly Bush


Zinnias bring a blast of sunlight to your yard with an array of hues that attract both human eyes and butterfly antennae. These annual flowers are easy to grow and come in various shapes and sizes at flower shops in Greensboro NC. Zinnia blossoms, especially those with bright colors, attract butterflies with their abundant nectar. A broad variety of zinnias in different colors will attract butterflies to your garden, creating a vibrant environment. If you want to send flowers online to a gardening enthusiast then zinnia is one of the best options to consider.


Milkweed serves as a crucial host plant for monarch butterflies and also provides a nectar-rich environment for many other species. The delicate and fragrant milkweed flowers feed adult butterflies, while the leaves nurse monarch caterpillars. Incorporating different varieties of milkweed in your garden with the help of florists Greensboro NC, such as Common Milkweed or Butterfly Weed, ensures a steady supply of nectar for butterflies throughout the growing season.



Lantana is a durable perennial recognized for its bunch of small, tubular blooms that create big, vibrant umbels. Lantana blooms entice butterflies with their sweet nectar and vivid colors. Lantana's red, orange, yellow, and pink colors attract butterflies and gardeners. You can get your hands on these blooms and many more from Just Because flower delivery Greensboro NC.


With its slender stems topped by clusters of small, fragrant flowers, Verbena is a butterfly-friendly perennial flower for gardens that adds elegance to any patch. The blooms, available in many hues of purple, pink, and white, provide abundant nectar and lure butterflies with their delightful fragrance. Verbena flowers from late spring to early October, ensuring a constant source of nectar for insects. The tall, airy structure allows butterflies to easily obtain rich nectar and lets you watch their elegant interactions.

Butterfly-friendly gardens require specifically planted flowers and a suitable environment. Here are some further suggestions to make your yard more attractive to butterflies:

Sunny Spots: Butterflies enjoy basking in the sun, so make sure your garden contains sunny areas where they can warm up and feast on nectar.

Water Source: Offer a shallow water source, such as a birdbath with stones for perching, to satisfy the thirst of butterflies.

Avoid Pesticides: The use of pesticides in your garden should be reduced to a minimum or avoided since they can damage butterflies and their larvae.

Grouping Plants: Plant flowers in bunches or groups to help butterflies find them more easily. It also generates an aesthetically pleasing garden layout.

Butterfly-attracting flowers and a welcoming ambiance can convert your yard into a sanctuary for these fascinating creatures. If you want to create a balanced and lively ecosystem in your backyard, check out Flower Queen.

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