6 Flowers for Sympathy to Show Your Support

Choosing flowers with auspicious meanings tailored to what someone may be experiencing helps convey understanding, reassurance, and gentleness. Here are eight flower varieties commonly used for sympathy.

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Expressing sympathy and support for someone in need does not always require words. A thoughtful gift can help lift their spirits and let them know they are not alone. One meaningful option is sending flowers, as certain blooms carry symbolic associations that relay caring messages even without a note. Flowers have long been used to commemorate life events like weddings or acknowledgements like get well wishes.

They can also play an important role in expressing condolences during somber times or showing empathy when someone faces hardships. Choosing flowers with auspicious meanings tailored to what someone may be experiencing helps convey understanding, reassurance, and gentleness. Here are eight flower varieties commonly used for sympathy and the special meanings they carry to help uplift those who grieve or struggle.


One flower for healing that represents sympathy is the white lily. White lilies symbolize purity, innocence, and spirituality. They are often used in funeral arrangements and hospitals because their pure color implies peace and tranquility. White lilies let the recipient know that you are thinking of them during their sorrow and wishing them comfort. You might add a short note saying "Thinking of you and hoping you find peace."

White lily flower


Chrysanthemums, sometimes called "mums", also have significance as sympathy flowers from local florists in Greensboro NC. In various colors like white or yellow, chrysanthemums symbolize grief, mourning, and optimism for recovery or new beginnings after loss. Choosing chrysanthemums says "I'm here for you in your sadness and hope that you will find renewed joy in the days ahead." You might write along with chrysanthemums "Wishing you peace in your memories and brightness in your future."


Roses are classic flower gifts to get from nearby flower shops in Jamestown NC, but some colors have meaning when giving roses for sympathy. A single yellow or white rose expresses your care and condolences. White roses symbolize purity, grace, and sympathy while yellow roses communicate thoughts, friendship, and gentle support during their difficult time. White or yellow roses could be presented with a sympathy card simply saying "Thinking of you."


Tulips are another cheerful flower that can be suitable for sympathy. Specifically, white or yellow tulips imply forgiveness, sympathy, and caring support. These hopeful sympathy flower arrangements acknowledge someone's loss while also signaling that you want to lift their spirits. White or yellow tulips would go well with a note like "Sending love and hoping these flowers bring you a smile."

Tulip flower arrangement

Calla lily

Calla lilies are an elegant choice to send sympathy flowers. With their beauty and simplicity, calla lilies represent the magnificence of spirit and the sanctity of life. Their purity expresses deep thoughtfulness for what someone is enduring. Calla lilies could be given with a card stating "You and [loved one's name] are in my prayers" to recognize their faith or relationship to the one they miss.


Daisies symbolize innocence, purity, and cheeriness. While they may seem simple, daisies are a genuinely thoughtful way to recognize someone's loss while also hoping to bring them happy feelings. White or yellow daisies relay a message of "Even in difficult times of sorrow, I want you to feel nature's vivacious spirit renewing you." You could send daisies along with a note of "Hope these small flowers can represent big hopes for your happiness."

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