15 Corsage Flower Ideas for Your Prom Night

A corsage is a small prom flower bouquet that is worn on the wrist or around the waist. It is traditionally given to the person who invited you to prom as a gift. Here are 15 amazing corsage flower ideas to consider for your special prom night.

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Prom night is such an exciting event for any high schooler. You get all dressed up in your fancy clothes and dance the night away with your friends. One accessory that is a prom night must-have is a corsage don’t you agree?

A corsage is a small prom flower bouquet that is worn on the wrist or around the waist. It is traditionally given to the person who invited you to prom as a gift. Here are 15 amazing corsage flower ideas to consider for your special prom night:


Roses are a classic flower choice that no matter how the trend goes will never go out of style. They come in different colors like red, pink, and white. Red roses especially symbolize love and romance, which makes them perfect for prom. Make sure to pick roses that are fully blooming for the biggest impact. You can pair roses with baby's breath or other small filler flowers.


Orchids come in a variety of bold and beautiful colors like purple, pink, white, and yellow. Their tropical vibe gives them a more elegant look perfect for wrist corsage bracelets. Orchids also last a long time, so your corsages will remain looking fresh all night. Just be cautious about watering orchids too much, as they can get moldy quicker when exposed to water.

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Similar to orchids, lilies also come in bright, cheerful colors like orange, yellow, hot pink, and more. Their trumpet shape makes quite a statement. But you have to be careful not to pick lilies that are too full and round, as they may not stay perky all night long under wrist pressure. Consider long-stemmed lilies that can drape elegantly. They also have a nice sweet smell.


Carnations come in every color imaginable and hold their shape very well, even after hours of wear. Carnations have a mild, pleasant fragrance too. They offer brilliant hues in shades like red, pink, orange, white, and purple. Carnations make for a budget-friendly yet lovely corsage choice. You can find them bundled together with fillers like statice or baby's breath.

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Asters bloom in a riot of different colors like purple, pink, red, blue, and white. Their domed little flowers look beautiful cascading down your wrist. Asters pair well with accents like gypsophila, which is more commonly known as baby's breath. Baby's breath adds wispy fullness and texture to any bouquet or corsage design.


Daisy feels youthful, fun, and optimistic. You can find them in shades of yellow, orange, pink, and white. They will make your corsage look cheerful and fresh. Make sure to pick daisies that are not too developed and closed, so they remain perky and on display. Consider dotting in accents like pearls or glitter to glam them up more for prom night.


Snapdragons have a spunky, playful look. Look for bold and the best prom flowers online like red, purple, pink, or orange to make a vivid splash. Snapdragons come in interesting shapes with "faces" that seem to smile. They may add extra personality compared to more conventional flowers. Be aware that darker snapdragon shades may fade faster as the night progresses compared to lighter tones.


Peonies are big, lush blooms perfect for those wanting a full, romantic look. They come in shades like coral, pink, red, and white. However, keep in mind that peonies are very fragile and may not hold up as long under pressure once the evening begins. Consider backing them with hardier flowers that can support the peonies' shape if needed.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies have a nice round shape and appear fuzzy and soft thanks to their velvety-textured petals. The blooms come in vivid hues unseen in nature like fuchsia, orange, and lime green at many local Greensboro flower shops. Their bold pops of saturated shade will truly stand out against any outfit or background.


Hydrangeas offer a bouquet-like look in shades leaning towards blues, pinks, and purples naturally. You can also find white hydrangeas from any florist in Greensboro NC. Their soft florets give a lovely shabby-chic ambiance. Be cautious if choosing single-wrapped hydrangeas, as they may droop a bit more from stem pressure compared to heartier flower picks.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies have a unique trumpet silhouette. Look for shades like white, yellow, or sunset orange for the boldest visual impact. Callas hold their shape very well through long periods of wear yet still retain elegant poise. Plus their bold bloom structure will photograph exceedingly well. Just be aware that callas are on the pricier side.


Ranunculus or "runners" look like miniature peach roses. They come in pinks, reds, corals, and creams with a velvety feel. Runners have a lush yet delicate appeal that will pair beautifully with any dress fabric or color. Their natural curling shape gives dimension and visual interest when worn as a corsage.


Anemones can resemble tiny poppies or ranunculus in their shape. Look for jewel-tone shades like fuchsia, burgundy, cerise, and cobalt blue. Their cupped form yields a striking depth of color that will enrich any prom flower arrangement or bouquet. Anemones do tend to be on the pricier side though.


For something truly unique and dramatic, consider South African protea. Their oversized blooms seem exotic and ethereal. Look for colors like fuschia, cream, purple, or coral shades. Protea flowers are definitely a head-turning statement piece. Their dramatic scale and form will wow everyone with their avant-garde beauty.

Cherry Blossoms

If cherry blossom season overlaps with your prom date, hunt for branches heavy with pastel pink blooms. The wispy, ethereal flowers will be surreal yet mesmerizing against your dress and skin tone. Add accents like pearls, ribbons, or gems if you want. Cherry blossoms are delicate flowers so handle them carefully and keep them wrapped until worn for optimal freshness.

Don’t forget to consider accessorizing your look with flower or gem pins in your hair too. No matter what blooms from Flower Queen you decide on, a prom flower delivery in Greensboro NC is sure to help make your prom night memories unforgettable. Have fun getting ready and dancing the night away!